The Top Roofing Materials for Repairing a Leaky Roof


The cap of your domicile stands tall as the supreme guardian of your kinfolk and chattels against a sundry of weather events like rain, wind, and snow. Overwhelmingly, the passing of time gives way to the appearance of unwarranted leaks that could cause inconvenience to your homey and lead to hefty expenditures if not resolved with immediacy. Hence, it is pivotal that if such conundrums arise, swift action is diligently taken to circumvent burglary from moisture, but what kind of roofing material will best serve this cause?

The crux of the matter boils down to the crucial decision of selecting a roofing material. Here, we have articulated the top contenders for plugging-the-leak for your rooftop.

1. Asphalt Shingles

Traversing the coastline along North America is made easier and affordable with the almost ubiquitous use of asphalt shingles. Installation is a breeze, and the variety of colors and styles on tap make the journey to selection seamless. The durability of these shingles is commendable with a commendable lifespan of 30 years or more. However, do consider your environment before choosing. Strong gusts of wind or the grimacing heat could inflict damage if not secured with the correct type of shingle in accordance to your climate.

2. Metal Roofs

From afar, metal roofs strike as an ultra-contemporary option- perfect for the modern household. Aside from the jaw-dropping appeal, metal roofs are highly rated for durability and energy efficiency. The materials comprising of aluminum, steel, or copper can comfortably reach 50 years and beyond with the right measures instituted to buff its lifespan. They are just the remedy for the persistent menaces of fire, rot or insects, making it a great investment for homeowners who want to stamp on longevity.

3. Slate

Nature unveils to us the dense, durable, and fire-resistant gift of slate material. An attractive roofing option with multiple natural shades and textures for that extra pizazz. These nomads last a remarkable 100 years or more leaving you in safe hands as you slumber peacefully. However, keep in mind that this comes with a price tag as slate tends to be expensive and heavy. Extra structural reinforcement may come in handy for their proper installation.

4. Tile

Another affordable and stylish alternative to fix a leaky roof. Tile roofing offers exceptional durability, energy efficiency and is available in an ample variety of colors and styles. You can enjoy this service for 50 years or more, and maintenance requirements are relatively low gravity. But, take into account factors such as the cost and weight of your choice of tile. Structural fortification could also prove necessary for the correct installation.

5. Flat Roofs

The doctrine of flat roofs as solely a commercial option has been debunked. More preferred in contemporary times, flat roofs offer affordability and a sleek, modern appearance. The use of PVC, rubber or asphalt to make the roof provides the client with the option of selecting the materials desired. Maintenance could be light in nature, but cuts to fit the specific constructors can lead to leaks if malpractices are engaged. Select a professional and experienced contractor to tackle this skill.

To sum up, the welfare and security of your nest and loved ones are knitted with the quality of the roofing material. Each material boasted a plethora of benefits and drawbacks. Due diligence should be practiced, and honest research should be conducted to narrow down your fit. Genuflecting to this will ensure peace of mind and prolonged protection to the ones we cherish so dearly.


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