Architectural Shingles

Greensboro residents and businesses can rely on our services to improve their roofing systems’ integrity and durability. Although these roofing systems cost more than traditional shingles, their robustness translates to more significant savings in the long run.
Time Tested Shingles


Our architectural shingles are more refined and stronger than others, ensuring they will never fly away, even with hurricane-force winds. We can also customize these roofing materials to suit your tastes and preferences, adding a touch of personality to your home.


GSO Roofing offers homeowners high-performance shingles that can withstand the test of time without breaking the bank. Sure, they cost slightly more than 3-tab shingles, but our commitment to giving you the best value makes a whole lot of difference. We stand by our product’s durability, which can outlast ordinary roofing shingles by an extra two to three decades. That should offset any cost variances. Contact us today how we can transform your modern home.

Low-Cost Shingles