Who We Are

We began with a modest dream, evolving from our inherent desire to serve homeowners and businesses with the best roofing solutions they deserve.

We continue to grow in serving our customers, strengthening relationships, and building new ones, so that everyone in Greensboro will have a reliable and high-quality roofing system over their heads.

We specialize in science-based, proven roofing solutions, from repairs to re-roofing and from complete overhauls to meticulous maintenance programs. We dedicate and commit ourselves to serving your roofing needs by delivering timely and high-quality results without worrying about costs.

GSO Roofing is your dedicated partner in creating more robust, structurally sound, and energy-efficient roofing systems for your home or business in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Our Vision

To be the preferred choice for high-quality, value-laden roofing services in Greensboro and adjacent areas.

Our Mission

To deliver high-quality, science-backed, professionally executed, and best-value roofing services to residents and business owners of Greensboro and surrounding areas.

Our Guarantee

GSO Roofing guarantees timely delivery of high-quality, professionally-installed, and reasonably-priced roofing products and services to Greensboro homeowners and businesses.

We build and strengthen relationships with our clients, winning and nurturing their trust because we believe we exist for them.

Trust our roofing specialists and technicians to work with you with the utmost respect, courtesy, and fairness to get the job done while guaranteeing you the best roof for your home or business.

Let's Work Together